6 reasons why a book a day isn’t good advice

imagesGrowing up I’d keep a flashlight inside the sheets to read Hardy Boys and Jane Austen. My father would occasionally catch me. That day I’d be in for a good hiding. But, I have always been a fan of books. So much as I’d keep last 60 pages of a thriller like Catch Me If You Can to be read after my last exam. It gave me the energy to get through the exams (read – never my favorite time).

One of my friends would say it’s such a waste of time to read. Somehow I could not fathom how he thinks so. Recently, something amazing happened, I met a guy who reads almost a book a day. He’s definitely smart and very well read. But these opposites made me think hard.

After deep research into reading patterns of my friends I came up with a conclusion – A book a day is not the best advice. You ask why?


  1. Books are like food – they need to be digested
    • Well just like food books need to be digested and assimilated in your being. What’s the use of reading a book which I didn’t have the time to understand. After all most people read books to learn something. So to absorb what the book really means it needs some time inside our head, where the author can be loud and be heard
  2. For the sake of the author
    • Most authors spend a great deal of time creating a book. It’s a piece of art. Most of these works deserve some respect and some consideration. After they all they worked really hard.
  3. It’s not a number game
    • If you read to impress by the sheer number, I think you might miss a great deal of both time and brain space. So, go read a book at leisure.
  4. It takes time
    • A good habit takes at least 21 days to stick, according to recent research. Then how can a book stick in a day. Unless it’s harry potter, that’s for  binge reading. I agree.
  5. Everything in Moderation including Moderation
    • Well I believe in striking a fine balance. So as much as I love reading different point of views, I also forming my own by actively doing something. So when I read I like to practice by adding a little lemony zing of my own.
  6. The magic number #
    • For me the magic number is 51. Making one book a week. It gives me ample time to spend with the author. It gives me time to try some tricks if the book has any. It gives me time to cross check what the author wrote, sometimes. But also it gives me 1 free week where I read nothing but just go through my notes I made in the year.


Now go out there and try this. If you like the idea, let me know. If you don’t like the idea definitely let me know why.




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