To a different kind of love

Three generations in the Indian Army

30 hours plus a few weeks back, I was sitting with a childhood friend sipping some local red, by the beautiful ocean in Mumbai overlooking the sunset. Visiting Mumbai after a good length of one and a half years, the usual catching up began. He is serving the armed forces and we started to talk how life is turning out, for each of us. One thing led to another and we ran across an article about a girl who is also serving in the armed forces. She is apparently the third generation serving and was recently interviewed for an article. Hearing that I immediately said how I could never be an Army wife. For a fact, I can not sleep well if my partner is on the border which is active 24 cross 7, 365 days an year. That makes me a “not so good” fit. After all who needs a troubled & worried wife at home.

After that we caught up on how we have changed and grown up. The usual. We have been friends for more than 10 years now. And one thing that has not changed between us is that we can say anything to each other, without a dash of judgement. We have always been very transparent and that also makes us fight.

But midway through the conversation, I realized there is a special form of serving which goes unrewarded. The kind done by his mother. His mother served us as a daughter of an Army officer, as a wife of an Army officer and now as a mother of an Army officer. How much courage does it take to support your son to make this decision? I’d say a dash more than infinite.

That was the moment that made me realize that courage is not something we are born with, it’s something we manifest.

Army Day

Isn’t that a good realization to have this Valentine’s day?


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